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Fitness Wisdom

“To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” ― Socrates

Well if this statement is true I just got a bit wiser when it comes to my personal fitness. I am a person who loves the idea of being self-aware. However despite my best efforts of getting to know myself over the last 33 years I still thought I could be something I am not.

I am not a man of routine, in-fact I despise routine. The thought of being bound to a schedule, even my own makes me a little sick to my stomach. I was sure I would be able to work out Mon, Wed, Friday mornings without much failure or compromise.

However things came up just about every other morning and although I may not be a man of routine I am a man of compromise. I am running a business and personally I can’t sacrifice what I know the business needs for sticking to a schedule.

But my health is arguably the most important part of my life so how am I working though this problem? Well, being a bit wiser than when I started this fitness journey I realized if this is going to work for me I have to do it in a way that is true, to me.

I quickly saw that working out the first half of the week was just never going to happen. During this time of the week all of my focus goes into the club.  For about 16 hours a day I am solely focused on the needs of the club and just about everything takes a back seat.

But around Thursday of each week, perfect opportunities arise to fit in some extra tennis and two or three strength training sessions. At this point in the week and into the weekend I feel great about working out and playing tennis. I don’t feel like I am choosing between work and play, I just feel like this is a great way to use my slightly more open schedule.

The best news is that it’s working. I am feeling and looking stronger, my weights are going up, and I am doing it in balance with my life.

I want people like me to know that just because you are not as organized as a friend who eats, sleeps and works out at the same time every day doesn’t mean you can’t be successful with fitness. You shouldn’t judge yourself against something that is not true to you. Once I realized that my fitness needed to jive with my personality, I stopped trying to be something I am not and started to enjoy what I have accomplished much more.

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About Me

As a husband, father of two boys with one on the way, and a small business owner I am at a point in my life where every day has so many choices that without a long term vision and daily strategy it would be leaving too much up to chance. With that uncertainty comes a lot of questions. How does one run a successful business, take care of his family, and still get the most out of life? Is this balance possible? Am I going to turn into a cliché TV Dad always half out the door or on the phone doomed to miss his kids’ first goal or home run? Is the movie “Click” based on a true story? (Great movie but surprisingly sad.) Can I still pursue my own health and fitness dreams when so many others are counting on my full efforts and attention?

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